(1) Be current KRVA adults with juniors member in good standing at all times during the season for which they are seeking to sanction tournaments

(2) Be 25 years of age or older

(3) Have current USAV background screen

(4) If the is no site director present at the tournament the TD must be present at all times during

(5) Have a current Safesport Certification

(6) Have Concussion Training Certificate on file in the KRVA office

(7) Not be a coach

(8) Not be the chief referee or referee at the tournament

Membership Requirements

A current “Adult with Juniors” membership in KRVA is required to apply for and receive a sanction to conduct a tournament. Your membership is not complete until your registration fee, signed USA Volleyball Waiver and Release of Liability, and signed USA Volleyball Juniors Club Personnel Code of Ethics are received. These documents are available for electronic signature as you register for KRVA membership on Webpoint. Your background screen verification must be current. Membership must remain current throughout the season. Any person with a failed background screen will not be permitted to be a Tournament Director in the Keystone region. Please note that it can take up to 10 business days for a background screen to be completed.

Required Certifications

All Tournament Directors are required to have a current SafeSport Certification for each season. The coursework is mandated by the US Center for SafeSport and all regions and their members must comply. The requirements may change from year to year. Any changes will be posted to the SafeSport page of the KRVA website.

TD’s are also required to have a Concussion Training certificate on file with the KRVA office. This is a once and done requirement.

Tournament Sanction Request

The Tournament Sanction Request (TSR) is the official request of tournament dates and their locations by a TD to the KRVA office. The TSR form is a downloadable spreadsheet that contains required categories and must be submitted to the event coordinator prior to receiving a sanction. The spreadsheet is updated and re-posted to the KRVA website no later than August 1 each season. Tournament Director Agreement The Tournament Director Agreement is the official agreement by the TD to follow the rules of KRVA and USA Volleyball rules and regulations for all of their events sanctioned by the Keystone Region for the duration of the season. The TD Agreement is a downloadable document that must be signed and returned to the event coordinator prior to receiving a sanction. The document is updated and re-posted to the KRVA website no later than August 1 each season.

Tournament Director Deposit

Tournament Directors must submit a deposit in the beginning of the season to secure their space as a TD in the Keystone Region. The deposit will be held for the entirety of the season to ensure compliance for all events.

The standard deposit for new and returning Tournament Directors is $300 for the season.

Returning TD’s that have had issues with compliance such as missed requirements, behavioral issues, outstanding fees, or for other reasons deemed appropriate by the KRVA office will be subject to a higher TD Deposit.

The Deposit for first season after compliance issues will be $500. If issues persist, the deposit will be $1,000 for the season. If there are compliance issues in the third season, the TD will be denied eligibility indefinitely and will not be approved to run events in KRVA until Region Administration allows it.

The Keystone Region reserves the right to deny eligibility to a TD at any point event without two seasons of increased deposits.

The event coordinator will inform the TD of a deposit increase upon receiving the TD registration form for the upcoming season.

At the conclusion of the events sanctioned for the season, the KRVA office will evaluate compliance for each tournament director and issue refunds of the deposits. If a Tournament Director is found to be in violation of any of the requirements for running a sanctioned event, the Tournament Director’s deposit may be subject to forfeiture to the Region.

Certificate of Insurance

Tournament facilities often require proof of insurance. The Certificate of Insurance (COI) shows that USA Volleyball has liability coverage for each KRVA sanctioned tournament. Please keep in mind that if you fail to submit a COI request for your tournament, the venue and all event staff may not be covered for any lawsuits resulting from any issues that may occur during the tournament. Failure to submit an insurance request will result in a tournament not being sanctioned. In addition, should the tournament not meet all the conditions of being a sanctioned tournament (i.e. No handwritten players or coaches on a roster; all tournament staff meeting background check requirements; etc.) the COI that has been issued will be considered null and void and the tournament no longer sanctioned by KRVA.

You can submit a request for insurance here.

For questions regarding how to fill out the COI request please email events@krva.org. Should you have your own insurance and will not be seeking a COI from KRVA, you will be required to provide KRVA a COI listing KRVA as an additional insured.

Venue Specifications

To ensure the safety and compliance of the facilities, each tournament venue and court(s) must follow the rules of the current Rulebook, as well as KRVA and USAV rules. Prior to events being entered into the system, the Tournament Director is required to inspect each venue with a venue representative to ensure that the facility meets safety and compliance criteria. The Rulebook, KRVA, and USAV rules. The Venue Specification Agreement that must be signed by the TD and the venue representative, acknowledging the compliance rules. This agreement is required from each tournament director for each venue that will be used throughout the season. One agreement per venue is due back to KRVA once the events are “pre-sanctioned’ and before they are entered into the Event System, unless another agreement is made with KRVA. The tournament director will receive their COI back after the Venue Specification Agreement , along with all other required documents, have been received.

Venue Contracts

Once the event has been “pre-sanctioned”, the TD must provide proof of agreement with the venue for the date(s) requested. It is incumbent upon the TD to submit a copy of the executed contract to the KRVA office. The tournament director will receive their COI back after the Venue Contracts, along with all other required documents, have been received.

If the TD does not have a full contract with a facility but has a different type of agreement, that should be communicated to the Event Coordinator. The Event Coordinator will work with each TD individually as needed. Some form of agreement will need to be provided in place of a contract.

Adhering to Region Rules

It is the responsibility of each tournament director to know the procedures and rules for conducting a tournament in the Keystone Region (KRVA). All necessary information is available on the KRVA website or the Tournament Director Manual. Lack of information or help is not an excuse for hosting substandard events.

The KRVA procedures and rules supplement the USA Volleyball requirements and rules and are to be used for all KRVA sanctioned tournaments during the current season.

A copy of this document and the current USA Volleyball Rulebook are to be available at each tournament site.

The Rulebook is available for download on the USA Volleyball Ref Training website.


TD’s with persistent compliance issues will be subject to disciplinary sanctions as KRVA deems necessary. This can include fines, loss of TD deposit, probationary period in which KRVA events works close with the TD to assist in administrating events, as well as losing the privilege of running tournaments in the region. TD’s with persistent compliance issues will be considered “Out of Good Standing” with the Region.

Sanctioning of Events

The KRVA event staff will sanction tournaments with the needs of the regions’ Club Teams first and foremost in mind. The sanctioning of Tournament Directors will be prioritized in a first come, first serve manner as all Page | 7 requirements are received. In addition, consideration will be given to each sanction request based on the TDs tournament history, as well as their compliance history. Because a tournament was sanctioned in a previous year does not guarantee a sanction this season.

TDs may request specific ages and suggested levels. (Appendix B). These requests will be honored when possible, but changes may be required. Boy’s tournaments may begin the first Saturday in December. Girl’s tournaments may begin the first Saturday after New Years’ Day.

The Event staff will also be using the following criteria as they sanction tournaments:

  1. Location relative to other tournaments occurring on the same weekend
  2. Conflicts with Qualifiers and Bids running in or near the Keystone Region
  3. Availability of qualified officials
  4. Limited tournaments will be sanctioned on the weekend of the Boys Atlantic Northeastern Tournament and other region run events. No sanctions will be granted on the same weekend as the KRVA Bid and Club Challenge or the Girls Regional Championships.

Expansion – Tournament Directors may request that the event coordinator allow the expansion of an event to include more than one age level under the following conditions:

  • No similar tournaments for the newly requested level have been sanctioned or requested.
  • Any other tournaments already sanctioned (within a 50-mile radius) in the expanded level are full.