Team Fees

Boys: October 15 2019 | Girls: November 20 2019

Due dates for team fees will be published on the appropriate pages on the KRVA website. There is a $30 per fee per team registered with the Keystone Region. Clubs only need to pay for the team or teams they will use for the season. Teams marked as unpaid and inactive in Webpoint should not enter and will not be accepted into KRVA sanctioned tournaments. Checks should be made payable to KRVA and sent to the KRVA Business Office.

Team Designations

Upon team registration, Club Directors must designate teams as “National”, “American”, or “Regional” level. National is the highest level of play, American is in the middle, and Regional is the lowest level of play.

This designation is NOT LIMITING to tournament registration, but it gives the Club Director and the Region Office a better understanding of the skill level of a team. Also, the improve the competition levels of all tournaments.

Club Directors should be as accurate and objective as possible when evaluating team levels for designations (and tournament entry). Some clubs will have all American levels teams and others will have a mixture or two or all three.

The level of the team will be added to the end of the team name by the Region Office when activated in Webpoint with an (n) for National, (a) for American, or (r) for Regional. [i.e. KRVA Blast 12(r)]

Club Directors should add the level in the exact same manner in AES so the name (and corresponding team code) matches Webpoint exactly.

Club Directors may also refer to the “Tournament Levels” description found in the Tournament Registration section of this manual. The tournament level description may help clubs correctly categorize a team’s skill level designation.

Webpoint Rosters

Once teams have been selected, it is strongly recommended that Club Directors roster their players and coaches on Webpoint to verify appropriate memberships, club affiliations, and eligibility. All players must have a current full membership and coaches must be marked eligible to coach in Webpoint. Team Rep positions are reserved ONLY for club directors. KRVA does not allow age waivered junior girl’s players on rosters.

Team Requirements

Each team from every club must have a minimum of one (1) Certified Junior Scorekeeper on the roster. The region STRONGLY RECOMMENDS each team have 2-3 certified junior scorekeepers on each roster to rotate the scorekeeping duty. (New for 2018-19 season).

Junior Scorekeepers can be certified via an online course through Webpoint or at a clinic hosted by their club.

Players that choose to take the coursework online can find instructions for sign up and completion on the Junior Referees and Scorers page of the KRVA website. The coursework is free to KRVA members.

Clubs that choose to host an in-person clinic can certify all Junior players that participate. The clinic MUST be run by one of KRVA’s certified Scorekeeping Clinicians. Contact the KRVA Office for a list of approved clinicians and to create your clinic.

All costs for the in-person clinic(s) are the responsibility of the host club, including the Clinician Fee. Please check the Schedule of Fees in the KRVA General Operating Codes for the current rate of Clinician Fees.

The minimum requirement of one junior player per roster must be met no later than December 1 of the current season for Junior Boys and January 1 of the current season for Junior Girls.

Social Media and Electronic Communications Policy

It is required for each club to adopt the Social Media and Electronic Communications Policy created by the US Center for SafeSport. Clubs may add more but may not take any part out of the policy. This policy is to protect clubs, inform its members, and protect the players against undesired or unintended online communications.

The policy can be found in Appendix E of this document and on the KRVA website. This policy is also that of the Keystone Region.

Club Travel Policy

It is required for each club registered with the Keystone Region to employ a Club Travel policy for its teams. Clubs are encouraged to use the policy provided by the US Center for SafeSport, which is the policy the Keystone Region abides by.

The Travel Policy is available in Appendix F of this manual. Clubs may use an alternate policy, but it must be submitted to the KRVA Office by emailing with the Club’s travel policy in its entirety no later than December 1 each season.