Regular Offers may not be sent out until Wednesday October 30, at 7 pm for Girls 14 & under and Wednesday, November 13th at 7 PM for Girls 15’s & older.

Offers that are valid and binding are written offers emailed to the family of the player with CC’d on the email and they must be sent during the correct dates and times. Players have 48 hours from the time stamp on the offer email to accept or decline the offer in writing.  Once a player accepts in writing via the email offer CC’d to, then the agreement is binding for both parties.

Offers not accepted or declined within the allotted time will be automatically rescinded when 48 hours is over according to the time stamp on the original offer email. Once an offer is declined in writing, the offer is off of the table. If the player changes her mind, the parents need to contact the club. If the club wants to reissue a new offer.

Any offer before the specified dates and time above is invalid. A club is allowed to let you know an offer will be extended to your daughter and what the offer will include, but it must be in writing as stated above.


Once you have committed to a club and are ready to affiliate:

(1) Log into your Webpoint Account

(2) Choose Member Profile under Member Area

(3) Click on the down arrow on the right where it says Club to open the box, locate the correct club and click on it

(4) After making sure the correct club has been selected scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Edit Contact Info

(5) A pop up will appear letting you know the information was updated – click OK

(6) Log out