Parents, thank you for all you do to help your child have a great volleyball experience. We know that you are the backbone of our organization and we want to know what you think and to invite you to participate by joining KRVA. We have a new category just for you. How many times have you sat on the sideline of the tournament and wondered what you could do to help? How many times have you been chased off the court when you were only trying to help by shagging balls? Did you ever wonder how difficult it was to keep score officially? Now you have your chance. We must ask you to help protect all our children by also getting a background screen. While we understand that this may be an inconvenience, really, what wouldn’t you do for your child?

The required course is available to you in the Learning Management System. Here are the instructions:

  • Get the Parent’s Membership (make sure you get the background screening
  • On the leftside of the Webpoint screen choose, Event Registration
  • Choose Region Ref/Score Clinics from the flyout menu
  • Click on the Parent LJ/Scorer Clinic
  • Follow the instructions for registering (cost is $0.00)
  • Log into the Course Mill with your Webpoint Username and Login
  • Follow the directions found there to take the course. Once completed, it will
    automatically update your card
  • Please remember that you can only work (with your team coaches permission) for your
    team when they are the designated work team. You must follow the rules of the court

Most of all we are very happy to share our excitement and love of the game with all of you. Please let us know what else we can do to make KRVA better. While we cannot promise to implement every idea, we will consider everything you submit to us very carefully!


  • As the new season approaches, please familiarize yourself with the current Junior Op-Codes. These codes are requirements for all clubs participating in KRVA and each club is responsible to abide by them.
  • The section of particular interest to parents is Section 3.4 Tryout and Recruiting Policy.
  • Please remember Club Representatives may NOT contact any players for any reason. The only exception being players that were on team rosters and played for their Club in the previous season. However, a club rep may ask a player for parent contact information and then communicate with the parents.
  • Club representatives that switch Clubs during the season or off-season may NOT contact players from their previous Club.
  • Any offers made outside of the Pre-Season Club Commitment time period or the Regular Offer Period following tryouts is considered non-binding.
  • If you find that a club is violating these or any op-codes please fill out the violation report form.