The following downloads contain important information for all players and parents to be aware of as we move into the 2018-19 club volleyball season.

The downloads also contain important information on the new changes for the 2018-19 season.

If you have questions, we highly recommend you first look at the FAQ's which will most likely contain an answer to your question.

If you have further questions please contact

More information sent to players and parents is available on the Junior Girls Info page and all of these documents are available on the Forms and Documents page under "Player".

Dear Parents

As your child attends tryouts and starts fielding offers for the upcoming season we would like to remind you to familiarize yourself with the Junior Op-Codes in regards to offers and recruiting. We will give you the highlights here but strongly urge you to go to the Forms and Documents page of the KRVA website. Under Regional you will find the Junior Op-Codes.

Any Clubs or teams planning to participate in KRVA this season are responsible for abiding by the KRVA Governing Documents.

Club Representatives may NOT contact any players for any reason. The only exception being players that were on team rosters and played for their Club in the previous season. (A club rep may ask a player for parent contact information)

Club representatives that switch Clubs during the season or off-season may NOT contact players from their previous Club.

Contracts, invitations and/or offers made prior to the announced start of the tryout period each year shall be considered non-binding. NO money to play, team fees, expenses, or funds of any kind (or deposits on such) may be accepted by, or paid to, a Club until after the beginning of the tryout period. (Tryout cost is not a team fee).

All offers must be in writing and e-mailed with a cc to

Once a Club (through a player’s parent) offers a player a position on a team roster, the offer must remain open, without changes in conditions, for a minimum of 96 hours from the date/time of the offer as time stamped on the e-mailed offer unless the offer is declined.

If you find that a club is violating these or any op-codes please fill out the violation report form under Club Director, Tournament Director or Player sections also found on the Forms and Documents page of the KRVA website.

Ray Reilly,
Junior Girls’ Chairperson

Calling All Parents

Parents, thank you for all you do to help your child have a great volleyball experience. We know that you are the backbone of our organization and we want to know what you think and to invite you to participate by joining KRVA. We have a new category just for you. How many times have you sat on the sideline of the tournament and wondered what you could do to help? How many times have you been chased off the court when you were only trying to help by shagging balls? Did you ever wonder how difficult it was to keep score officially? Now you have your chance. We must ask you to help protect all our children by also getting a background screen. While we understand that this may be an inconvenience, really, what wouldn’t you do for your child?

The required course is available to you in the Learning Management System. Here are the instructions:

  • Get the Parent’s Membership (make sure you get the background screening
  • On the leftside of the Webpoint screen choose, Event Registration
  • Choose Region Ref/Score Clinics from the flyout menu
  • Click on the Parent LJ/Scorer Clinic
  • Follow the instructions for registering (cost is $0.00)
  • Log into the Course Mill with your Webpoint Username and Login
  • Follow the directions found there to take the course. Once completed, it will
    automatically update your card
  • Please remember that you can only work (with your team coaches permission) for your
    team when they are the designated work team. You must follow the rules of the court

Most of all we are very happy to share our excitement and love of the game with all of you. Please let us know what else we can do to make KRVA better. While we cannot promise to implement every idea, we will consider everything you submit to us very carefully!

Offers (Girls’ Clubs only)

Offers made to players by clubs should be via email and copied to Please do NOT send to the junior chairperson or directly. The emails are archived for future reference. Please refer to the 2017-18 Junior Operating Codes regarding the acceptance of offers and the recruiting policy.

Parent Documents

  • 2017-18 USA Volleyball Junior Player Age DefinitionOpen or Close

    Once a player participates (including but not limited to practicing, training, attending workouts and/or competing) in a club or varsity program for any university, college, community college, or junior college, he/she is ineligible to take part in any regional and national programming, which includes but is not limited to national JNC qualifying and championship events.

    18 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 1999 or Players who were born on or after September 1, 1998 and a high school student in the twelfth (12th) grade or below during some part of the current academic year.

    17 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2000

    16 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2001

    15 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2002

    14 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2003

    13 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2004

    12 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2005

    11 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2006

    10 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2007

    9 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2008

    8 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2009

    Boys 14 and Under Division: Regionally waived boys teams in the 14 and under age group will be allowed to participate at the USA Junior National Championships using the following age/grade definition:

    • Players who were born on or after September 1, 2002 or Players who were born on or after September 1, 2002 (15 years or younger) who shall neither have completed nor are in a grade higher than the eighth grade (8th) during the current academic year. (This exception is based on the net height difference of 7’4 1/8” to 7’ 11 5/8” between the 14 and Under Division to the 15 and Under Division.)

    Note: These age definitions are used by domestic club programs and are NOT the same as the age definitions for the International and Domestic High Performance programs for 2018.

    The Age Definition Policy was most recently revised by the USA Volleyball Board of Directors on January 19, 2002. The classification cut-off date of September 1 was reviewed by the USAV Junior Assembly and the USA Regional Volleyball Association Assembly prior and during to the USAV 2016 Annual Meetings and research justified the continuation of the cut-off date of September 1.

    Download PDF with Chart


  • Bill of Rights for Parents when joining a clubOpen or Close

    I have the right to:

    • be treated with dignity and respect
    • share in the leadership and decision making of your athlete
    • approach the leadership of the club organization with which you are involved
    • cheer for your child in a positive manner
    • verify your coaches/team qualifications
    • ask questions and receive answers
    • ensure that the adults involved with your child are positive role models
    • talk to parents, other players and/or other clubs
    • have your child tryout without discrimination
    • request a clear disclosure of financial obligations
    • have a written clubs statement of philosophy
    • be informed about your child's role on the team
    • have your child tryout out for more than one club and be allowed time to make a decision as specified by the tryoutpolicy
    • the knowledge of the time, travel and financial commitment of your involvement with the club/team
    • knowledge of how many spots are available before tryouts begin
    • remove your child from an event/practice if you feel it is unsafe for your child to continue without repercussions
    • know that all club affiliated staff are members of the KRVA and background checked
    • ask your club director if they adhere to all State and Federal business requirements and laws

    P is for praising, which your child needs often.
    A is for accepting, so hard edges will soften.
    R is for recognizing your child's many talents.
    E is for encouraging a good healthy balance.
    N is for nurturing, to help your child grow.
    T is for teaching, then letting go.
    S is for smiling at the growth and the glow.

    Download PDF


  • Why Does USA Volleyball Do Background Screening?Open or Close

    As most are aware USAV implemented a background screening procedure in 2003. The process for the design and implementation of this program actually began two years earlier. Those individuals involved with this tedious process are very familiar with the reasons background screening was implemented. For others the question might be asked is “why does USAV do background screening in the first place”? There are two primary reasons.

    The first is professional and moral responsibility. USAV, its regions and its clubs have a professional and moral responsibility to provide a “safe” environment for its members during sanctioned activities. It is not only a professionally and morally responsibility but also a legal responsibility. As parents we all want to know that when our children are under the supervision of another adult the organization has done everything within its power to insure those individuals are worthy of the responsibility to coach or chaperone our children. It is the legal side that poses the greatest risk to USAV. State and Federal courts have set precedence that the associations, its regions and its clubs can be held legally liable for sexual misconduct or abuse that can be in some way connected to their sanctioned events. In the past, this has not been an issue as USAV has enjoyed “full limits” of sexual abuse and molestation coverage under their insurance policy. Times have changed!

    The second reason for background screening is brought on by insurance, or the lack thereof. According to a recent report, sexual abuse claims have increased over 200% in the past seven years. There are many theories as to the reasons but the fact of this increase has caused all insurance carriers to reduce or eliminate sexual abuse/molestation coverage from their policies, especially the policies where there is close interaction between minors and adults. In an effort to continue to provide this most important coverage, insurance companies turned to the process of background screening as a “risk management tool” to help reduce potential sexual abuse/molestation claims by identifying and eliminating individuals that might pose a threat from the group they are providing coverage. The theory is if they can reduce or eliminate those individuals that provide the most risk, they can continue to provide insurance for the entity even if it is on a reduced basis. In 2003 USAV’s insurance for sexual abuse/molestation was reduced from $5,000,000 to $1,000,000. Due almost exclusively to the background screening procedures that were implemented, USAV was able to retain the $1,000,000 coverage. Without it, the insurance carriers would not offer any coverage to USAV for sexual abuse.

    Is this coverage important? USAV incurred a sexual abuse claim in 2005 that exceeded $1,000,000. Not only is background screening morally, professionally and legally necessary, it is a risk management tool required by insurance carriers to help reduce the probability of a sexual abuse claim from occurring.

    Download PDF


  • AES Teams and RankingsOpen or Close

    To see who is playing in a tournament:

    Pools are sent directly to the club director. The start time for the tournament is in the notes on the tournament. If you would like to see the other teams accepted to the tournament go to AES. At the bottom of the homepage you will see participate, select Current Event List. In the filters at the top make the following selections:

    1. Event Affilitation – USAV
    2. USAV Region – Keystone (typing a k will make it pop up)
    3. To view the notes click on the tournament Name. Scroll down and click
      on the + on the bar labeled Event Information
    4. The tournaments are listed chronologically. Once you find the tournament you want
      click on teams to the right. This will bring up the list of accepted teams

    To view rankings:

    From the AES homepage at the bottom go to evaluate and click on AES Power Rankings. You can only select girls at this time. Step two: Choose the division (age) you are interested in. Step three: Choose Keystone. Then choose which rankings you are interested in. At the top you can type the team name or if you are unsure you can just look down the list. If you do not see your team it may be that there is no information entered for them. If you click on the team name you will see their event history and other information about the team. In Event History, if you click on the + you will see the results from that tournament if they have been entered.

    Download PDF


  • Spectator & Parent Code of ConductOpen or Close

    I WILL:

    1. I WILL abide by the official rules of USA Volleyball.
    2. I WILL display good sportsmanship at all times.
    3. I WILL educate myself on the unique rules of this facility and abide by them.
    4. I WILL generate goodwill by being polite and respectful to those around me at this event.
    5. I WILL immediately notify the Event Director and/or Program Administrator in the event that I witness any illegal activity.
    6. I WILL acknowledge that the spectator seating around the courts is for the primary use of those watching the match in progress.
    7. I WILL acknowledge that spectators may rightfully choose to remain in a seat for an entire match without switching sides of the court when the teams switch.


    1. I WILL NOT harass or intimidate the officials, including line judges and scorers.
    2. I WILL NOT participate in any game or game-like activities unless I have a current membership with USA Volleyball.
    3. I WILL NOT bring and/or carry any firearms at any USA Volleyball event.
    4. I WILL NOT use tobacco products or illegal drugs on the premises.
    5. I WILL NOT bring, purchase, or consume alcohol at any Youth/ Junior volleyball event.

    WARNING! Injury from flying objects incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event. Attend at your own risk. Please pay close attention to your surroundings and be alert at all times, especially during active play.

    Download PDF


Download Resources

2017-2018 USA Volleyball Junior Player Age Definition (PDF Download with Chart)
Bill of Rights for Parents (PDF Download)
Why Does USA Volleyball do Background Screening? (PDF Download)
AES Teams and Rankings (PDF Download)
Spectator & Parent Code of Conduct (PDF Download)
2017-2018 Junior Operating Codes (PDF Download)