The coursework and testing for Provisional and Regional Officials is available in September or October of each season. The office will send out an announcement when it is ready and will update the website.

Course registration is in Webpoint. Once signed up, all coursework and testing will be located in the USAV Academy.

How to Sign Up for Online Officials Clinics

(1) Go to the USA Volleyball Membership Registration System

(2) Renew Membership affiliated with KRVA, if not already current.

(3) Find and click the Region Clinics > Region Ref/Score Clinics tab on the left side of the screen

(4) Scroll to find the course you want to take and click register

(5) Fill out the first screen entirely and submit (sometimes will be auto- populated from membership info). Be sure the information matches your membership information.

(6) Confirm all information on the second screen is correct. If not, go back to edit it. Once correct, click register.

(7) A third, and final, registration screen will pop up with Registration Confirmation.

(8) Click the USAV Academy Button to go to your course work

For a visual guide with screenshots, download here.

When the coursework and testing is completed, the officials’ Webpoint account will be updated to reflect its completion and the official will be (re-)certified.

Who to Ask

Technical issues with the VRT
(USAV Academy)
Michelle Carlton

Assigning, requirements, clearances, events, and general questions
Neal Kenzakowski

Rules, interpretations, ratings, officiating levels, and other general questions
Neal Kenzakowski
Glenn Reid