Loyalty Offers (GIRLS’ CLUBS ONLY)
2019-2020 Season Period: July 14 – August 11

Loyalty Offers are an option for clubs to send early offers. This program is returning for a second year. These pre-season offers allow clubs to extend binding offers to players that were part of their program the previous season (aka “Eligible Players”) during the above period specified by the KRVA office. These offers are only for the Junior Girls Clubs and Players. Loyalty offers are NOT mandatory.

Those electing to send out these offers are required to use the “KRVA Jr Girls Loyalty Offer Template” that must be copied, pasted, and filled in where indicated.  The information in the template is required to be included. Clubs may add more detail as desired or details specifically negotiated with the parent(s). But the template format must be followed and required info MUST be included in the offer. All offers and acceptances must be submitted in writing via email and cc’d to offers@krva.org. Please refer to the KRVA Junior Operating Codes for further details.


Junior Boys
Saturday, September 28th

Junior Girls 14 & Under
Saturday, October 26th

No offers may be sent out before
Wednesday, October 30th at 7 PM

Junior Girls 15’s & Older
Saturday, November 9th

No offers may be sent out before
Wednesday, November 13th at 7 PM

Club tryout dates will be set and published no later than July 1 each season. All tryouts MUST be sanctioned by the KRVA office. All tryout proposal(s) must be submitted using the 2019-20 KRVA Tryouts/Clinics/Camp Proposal Form .

There is a $50 tryout sanction fee for each proposal. Fee(s) must be paid to the KRVA Office BEFORE tryouts are sanctioned. All players and coaches in attendance are required to have a current USAV membership.

The Keystone region allows current members from our border regions to participate in KRVA for purposes of tryouts. Clubs must verify that dates on membership cards are valid at the time of the event.

We are NO LONGER using the KRVA Event System for sanctioning tryouts.


Except for the pre-season club commitment offers, no Junior Girls offers may be sent prior to the Wednesday following tryouts at 7 pm. Any offer sent prior to that will be considered non-binding. (GIRLS CLUBS ONLY). Junior Boys offers may be sent any time after the tryout period opens. Clubs are required to use the “KRVA Jr Girls Offer Template” to send out regular season offers. All offers and acceptances must be submitted in writing via email and cc’d to offers@krva.org . Please refer to the KRVA Junior Operating Codes for further details.

Player Release Policy

Once a player has committed to a club via the offer email and is affiliated with a club in the Member Management System for the current season, the player is committed to that club for the entirety of the season.

Any player that has participated in a sanctioned practice or tournament with a USAV team during the season or whose parent or legal guardian has committed in writing by accepting the offer via email, the player to a team, may not participate with any other team without receiving a release.

No player who has committed to a team for the current season will be released unless the player requests a release from the KRVA Region Office. The release must be requested in writing and verify the consent of the releasing Club, the parent of the player, and some hardship for either the Club or the player as a basis for the release.

Lack of playing time and/or the perception that the team level is different than expected upon commitment are two examples of situations that the Region does NOT consider a hardship.

Upon completion of the above conditions, and upon recommendation of the KRVA Office, the Commissioner may grant the release. The region office must be included on all communications regarding a requested release.

Denial of a release may be appealed.

Participation in a tryout, camp, clinic or open gym will not be considered evidence of a commitment to the team. Written (email) commitments are the only binding commitment. (See item #12 under Tryout and Recruiting Policy below).

Any Boys’ players on a team that is not attending Nationals may be considered for release to play on a team attending the BJNC. The junior boys’ player(s) must request a release from the Region Office. The current Club Director will be consulted on the release. (this is for Boys ONLY)

No new Jr. Boys Clubs may be formed after March 15 until the end of the current membership season (for the purpose of attending the Junior Boys National Championships.)