Junior Girls Clubs are permitted to send Loyalty Offers “Pre-Season Club Commitment offers” which allows them to extend binding offers to players that were part of their program the previous season. These offers are only for the Junior Girls Clubs and Players. Pre-season club commitment offers are NOT mandatory. The goals of the Loyalty Offers are to reduce the stress of tryouts for players that commit early, save families money and time on tryout fees and going to multiple tryouts, as well as enable clubs to form teams quicker and retain players. Also, cutting down on illegal recruiting by clubs and coaches which will take more pressure off parents and players.

A binding offer is an offer extended by the club to the junior player (through her/his parents) that, when accepted in writing, binds the player and parents to that club for the entirety of the season. The season ends at the conclusion of the USAV Girls Junior National Championships.

All offers and acceptances must be submitted in writing via email and cc’d to offers@krva.org. Players have 48 hours from the time stamp on the offer email to accept or decline the offer in writing. Once an offer is accepted, the player is bound to that club and may not attend tryouts for a different club.

If a player does not want to commit early, the Loyalty Offer must be declined in writing via an email response to the initial offer email and offers@krva.org must be CC’d. It is up to parents to communicate with the club about any reasoning or intentions to return in the fall if they so wish. Offers not accepted or declined within the allotted time will be automatically rescinded when 48 hours is over according to the time stamp on the original offer email. Once an offer is declined in writing, the offer is off of the table. If the player changes her mind, the parents need to contact the club. If the club wants to reissue a new offer.

This year’s Loyalty Offer period is between July 14 – August 11, 2019. These dates were chosen because the period begins after GJNC and before the High School season begins so players can focus on their school season.