Becoming a Tournament Director

By completing the steps above, the prospective TD is registered, sanctioned, and considered an active Tournament Director in the Keystone Region.

The TD registration, requirement submission, and tournament sanctioning process begins no later than August 1 and ends November 1 each season.

Prospective TD’s that complete all requirements later than November 1 may face penalties such as ineligibility to run events for the season, limited sanctions, loss of pre-registration periods, and more.

Registration and Sanctioning Process

To become a Tournament Director (TD) in the Keystone Region, the prospective TD must follow the steps below each season:

Step ONE: TD Registration

Fill out TD Registration Form

After submitting the TD registration, the prospective TD’s eligibility to run tournaments in the Keystone Region for that season will be approved or denied via email. Examples of reasons for denial: history of non-compliance with KRVA / USAV requirements, low safety standards, missing payments, SafeSport issues, Not in Good Standing with Region, etc.

Step TWO: TD Approval

After receiving an approval email to run tournaments, the Tournament Director should submit the next requirements. Once all requirements are received, the Events Manager will then evaluate the Sanction Requests.

The TD deposit must be paid via check made out to KRVA and sent to: 1013 Brookside Rd, Suite 203, Allentown, PA 18106 *TD deposit may be increased if non-compliant the previous year (see TD Deposit under the TD Requirements section)

Step THREE: TSR Approval

Once the above requirements are received, the Event Manager will send back the TSR with approved events, changes, and/or denied events. The last two requirements can now be submitted and are due within two weeks of receipt:

Step FOUR: Full Sanction

Once the last requirements are received, the information for approved events will be entered into Advanced Event Systems (AES)

Tournament pre-registration period is now open.

  • This is optional and is not required
  • You are allowed two (2) pre-registrations per sanctioned court for each tournament.
  • You may send to club directors and coaches to advertise pre-registration space for your tournaments. They may also send to you requesting pre-registration space(s).
  • You may be as selective as you would like in assigning the spaces. If a space is assigned to one team, it cannot be withdrawn.
  • The Club Director MUST agree to be pre-registered (they cannot just be added to the list because you want that team).
  • Please remember, any TD affiliated club teams are NOT included in the two (2) pre-registration spaces per sanctioned court.
  • The Tournament Pre-Registration Form can be filled out at any point until November 1st.
  • The teams will be added after the event is completely entered in AES and the list has been received.