Clubs are required to have one certified Junior Scorer on each team roster, but the region is strongly recommending that 2-3+ per team are certified.

Learning the correct procedures for scoring will help players think faster in matches, find errors more quickly, and fewer matches will be interrupted from scoring errors.

It is also recommended that Junior Players become certified junior officials. Learning the basics of officiating will equip the players with the knowledge of calls, responsibilities, and rules when they are in an officiating situation.

The courses are free to all members of the Keystone Region!

Course registration is in Webpoint. Once signed up, all coursework and testing will be located in the USAV Academy.

Courses will be titled:

  • KE19_102 KRVA Jr Scorer Training
  • KE19_103 KRVA Jr 2nd Referee Training

How to Sign Up for Online Refereeing and Scoring Clinics

(1) Go to the USA Volleyball Membership Registration System (webpoint)

(2) Renew Membership affiliated with KRVA, if not already current.

(3) Find and click the Region Clinics > Region Ref/Score Clinics tab on the left side of the screen

(4) Scroll to find the course you want to take (from the list above) and click register

(5) Fill out the first screen entirely and submit (sometimes will be auto- populated from membership info). Be sure the information matches your membership information.

(6) Confirm all information on the second screen is correct. If not, go back to edit it. Once correct, click register.

(7) A third, and final, registration screen will pop up with Registration Confirmation.

(8) Click the USAV Academy Button to go to your course work (Downloadable Instructions)

When the coursework and testing is completed, the Webpoint account will be updated to reflect its completion and the Junior Player will be certified.

Downloadable instructions and requirements for Jr 2nd Referees.


Clubs that wish to host an in-person clinic can certify all Junior players that participate. The clinic MUST be run by one of KRVA’s certified Scorekeeping Clinicians. Contact the KRVA Office for a list of approved clinicians. Club directors are required to send us a list of those junior players who plan on attending the clinic.  The clinician will verify with the office those that completed the clinic.

All costs for the in-person clinic(s) are the responsibility of the host club, including the Clinician Fee. Please check the Schedule of Fees in the KRVA General Operating Codes for the current rate of Clinician Fees.