The Keystone Region received a grant from USA Volleyball to begin an officials’ training program. KRVA began the program in the 2017-18 season and will continue for the 2018-19 season.

Qualified candidates are underprivileged high school volleyball athletes, Boys and Girls age 15 or older, that demonstrate the desire to complete the process and become Certified Volleyball Officials.

The athletes will be provided training and materials to begin their career. They are each required to go through the complete process of becoming an official in the region. Those requirements include:

– Become a KRVA member

– Take the online training

– Pass the test

– Complete Concussion Training

– Attend an event to be “rated” (determine the level of official and provide feedback)

– Work a minimum of two tournaments for the Keystone Region.

The region will provide all materials and assistance needed to succeed, including KRVA membership fee, whistle, flags, red and yellow cards, pants, officials’ polo, etc.

Those that complete the process will work as certified officials for the Region and all payments earned at the events worked are income for the candidates.