2019-20 Season

All new and existing club directors must register their club each season. Club registration begins early September each year. There is NO FEE to register your club.

Club directors must reside within the boundaries of the Keystone Regional Volleyball Association (KRVA) and complete the following:

  1. Submit the 2019-20 Club Registration Form online
  2. Sign and submit the 2019-20 Club Registration Signature Page
  3. Register for a current 2019-20 KRVA Membership (available September 2019)
  4. Have a current Background Screen
  5. Completed SafeSport Training & Verified through Webpoint

Once the above requirements have been met, you will receive an email notifying you have access to your club. If you have any questions, please contact Vikki

We strongly advise the designation of a club administrator in case the club director cannot be reached. The club administrator will have the same access to the club information in the Webpoint system as the club director. The club director is deferred to for any critical decisions regarding the club. Administrators must also comply with numbers 1 through 4 above.

Please be advised that we require all correspondence to come from the e-mail addresses provided to us on the club registration form. E-mails should also be signed by the author.