Boys HP Team took Ft Lauderdale by Storm!

Opening day the guys were greeted in Ft Lauderdale by USA volleyball and taken to our hotel in a large tour bus.  Once we were all checked in the staff and athletes headed to the beach for some early morning fun until practice later that day at 7:30 pm.

Day 2 – The guys had the 7:30 am practice time slot followed by another beach day and some of staff and athletes went fishing. The highlight of the day was the 250 lb bull shark caught by some of the guys.

Day 3 – Was an adventure –  Coach Breneman received a letter stating that a water line was broken and the entire city will be without water for 24-36 hours. Calling the front desk they assured us they were taking great measures to make sure our stay was not interrupted. So we head over to the convention center where we take on Team Puerto Rico. The Keystone wins 27-25 and 25-15 followed by a demand from USA Volleyball that everyone must leave the building due to city laws and they are shutting the building down due to know Water. The event will be suspended until further notice.

Day 3 Continued –  Back at the hotel when we returned everything was great and the guys headed off to the pool. As the day wore on we were told me might want to start looking for another hotel option, followed by 2 hours later we have to leave the building the city is shutting the local hotels down due to the water issue. After the team packs theirs bags and heads down stairs we were greeted by the staff to find out the Mayor has at least saved the day and allowed us to stay at the hotel as the water was back on but we could not drink it!   USA Volleyball decided at 1 am the show must go on and we will resume play the following day. “Luckily we were one of the few teams that did not make it out of the city as most had a terrible time getting back into the city the next morning.”

Day 4 – What an event this turned out to be. 7:30 am we entered the Convention center and we played all day and remained in the building until 10:45 pm that night. We finished off Team  Puerto Rico in the 3rd set 25-16.  Up next we played an amazing USA 1 A Select Team and won the match in 4 sets.  Next up a big rival of Northern California, which we won the match in 5 sets. We rounded out the day playing the North West Regions and won the match in 3 sets.  After a long day of volleyball “15 HOURS” we had to find a good meal and ended up doing our team dinner at the Quarter Deck and finished up around 1:00 am.

Day 5 – We had a Noon match vs A1 Blue – Which pulled an upset over Canada on Day 3. We came in ready to go and swept the Blue team 3-0.  For our reward we ended up heading back down to the beach to enjoy our day.

Day 6 – Our never ending battle with the Canadian Junior National Team – This time the Keystone team comes out on top winning an exciting 4 set thriller to have take over the Number 1 see of the tournament and gets a bye into the semi finals of the gold bracket.

Day 7 – “Special Note, Still not drinkable water”   Thank You too Mr Hamm for all the water runs to the grocery stores as we had to load up for the week.  The keystone dropped its first match against USA A1 Red – Who actually took down the USA Boys Youth Training team.  This loss moves us to the Bronze medal match.

Day 7 – We came back to  play against Southern California which ended up sweeping us in 3 sets.
The keystone team finished 4th in the international division.  Jacob Pasteur – received an all tournament selection. 

We were accompanied by some amazing teams in that bracket of 4. Team USA – Who will be going to Africa to compete on the big stage.Team USA A1 Red – Was made up of 5 regions and had a great teamSCVA – Who had 3 collegiate players on the team and coaches by some of the best collegiate coaches in the United States.KRVA – Pennsylvania’s finest athletes competing at an amazing level and making some great memories.

Special Thank You to the Keystone Region Board Members for making it all happen!