Welcome to the KRVA site for Adult Players!

The past few years the region has been shifting part of its focus back to the adult player population. Each year more and more events are offered to KRVA Adult members.

We are excited and committed to keeping this momentum going!

Surge Women’s Tryouts

Round 1
A/BB 9/21/2019  5:30-7:00 pm

Round 2
A/BB 9/22/2019  4:30-6:00 pm

Players must be:
– 18 years or older and no longer in high school
– Cannot be on a collegiate roster
– Committed to playing on the team
– All players must be a member of USA Volleyball

Suge Gym
110 W Arch St, Fleetwood PA 9522

Surge will host open women’s tryouts and build teams based on the availability of players. These teams will be built based on skill level and entered into the appropriate division for USA volleyball.

Once teams are formed, the team will decide on practices, tournaments, leagues, etc that they wish to be a part of throughout the year. All scheduling will be done based on the availability of each member. A team captain will be assigned and will be the point of contact for the team throughout its season. A coach will be discussed and assigned based on the teams needs and request.

Team Fee (if selected): $250 (includes: 2 jerseys, t-shirt, hoodie, all practice times. Tournament and travel fees will be the responsibility of each player and will be determined and paid in advance upon selection of tournaments. Registration, tournament and all subsequent fees are non-refundable practices start.)

Tournament selection will occur once teams are formed. Tournament selection will be based on the coach and players’ discretion.

Online Registration Only!

Mail early registration non-refundable fee for $25 check payable to “Surge Volleyball” and registration form to address below. Walk-in registration will be $50 to tryout.