Friday, April 28, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting Commissioners Report

National News

Changes at the National Office are continuing. We have been working with Molly as our Webpoint liaison since the fall. Molly has been very helpful along with Tori Hoke, who is the Regional Volleyball Association Manager. Tori has much experience with all of the regions and is very responsive to after-hours calls. Bernie Maclean is our new Safesport liaison. Bernie is the Human Resources Director at USA Volleyball. Taking on Safesport and the ensuing discussion has put quite a “dent” in her available time. Bernie is dedicated to getting the program underway as a benefit to the regions.

The Northeast Qualifier took place over the Easter weekend in Philadelphia. Jamie Davis, USA Volleyball CEO, accepted my invitation to attend the event. Having conversations with someone who is new to the sport is fascinating. There are insights that we often overlook since we are “seasoned.” We appreciate that Jamie is making himself available to us. Next year he has put the BANE on the calendar so he can see the Jr Boys side of volleyball.

Regional News

The Farm Show installed the nets supplied by Courts Galore for our events. These were installed above the concession areas where we were losing volleyballs at an alarming rate during events. At the KRVA Bid event, we only lost one ball compared to the 20-30 that we would lose during the previous tournament. Some of them, we were able to have the facility rescue on Saturday evening with a scissor lift. Now we don’t have to worry. Thanks Courts Galore!

The KRVA BID and Club Challenge was again a great success. The Events staff is open to new ideas to make the event even more successful for the upcoming year. The new Harrisburg Sport Commission sent over video from the boys’ tournament which we will place on our website. It shows the BANE event from set up to finish. Very well done and we look forward to more from them.

KRVA Regionals will be our final event for the season. It will be very diverse this year with the addition of Special Olympics and Adults. There is a Special Olympic Champions demo and education component planned. We are looking forward to any and all participants for this event. KRVA would love to have a teams that compete at the USA Volleyball Opens next year. Please join us courtside for the event in Harrisburg. We are also dual hosting the adults this year. We are so excited to see them and Chynna has done much to make this a reality. We are anticipating both men’s and women’s team each participating on a different day.

Board of Directors News

The Board of Directors will be meeting in Allentown for a Restructure Workshop on Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30, 2017. Thank you to all of those who are participating. We are looking forward to meeting Peter Davis and his colleague who will help guide us through the restructuring process. More to come after the weekend event!

The SafeSport program for the region is still waiting for input from National. We are getting closer to developing the model which we need to follow nationally. Regionally we are still implementing and enforcing the mandates and policies of the program. It is very important for the safety and well-being of our members, both junior and adult.

Chynna Tavares (Adults), Jeff Stubblefield (Treasurer), Mike McPoyle (Officials) along with myself, Michelle Carlton (Commissioner) will be attending the National Meetings in Minneapolis, MN at the end of May which coincides with the USA Volleyball Adult Opens. The meetings will for the regions and juniors will be very full and many new topics are planned. With the change of administration at USA Volleyball, we are looking forward to the new CEO’s first National Meeting with all 40 Regional Commissioners in attendance.

We are in the process of evaluating some new systems in the office for events. Please let us know about any systems that you have experienced.

Michelle Carlton,
KRVA Commish