Spring 2016

Commissioner’s Report

We are approximately halfway through the 2015/2016 season. It has been one of great change for our events and our region. Many of the club directors have taken time to call into my office this season to talk about their experience this season and how we should consider changes but also to express how much smoother it appears to run these days. Of course, depending on the club or coach, opinions may vary.

We have just completed the 2nd Boy’s Atlantic Northeastern Tournament. The feedback has been very positive both in the running of the event and the play itself. We have been very fortunate to have Josh Brenneman working with us on helping with the caliber of the teams. He was and continues to be our best ambassador for the event. This time we added a Massage Therapy group which was a great hit with all the participants including the parents. We will be inviting them back for our girls’ event in May.

Next up is our BID Tournament with the 18s leading off tomorrow and the rest of the age groups in early April. It was requested of events to run something a little different. Once the event has completed, a survey may be in order to see what feedback can be gathered to use for next year.

The meetings with the National Office and other regions have been ongoing. Touching base with both groups is a valuable resource so we can compare our region and business to others. There are many good ideas out there and we hope to incorporate more as time goes on. There are many issues at hand concerning SafeSport and other areas that will affect our region. I am lobbying for the best possible scenario that will not tax the membership through increases or burdensome criteria.

PA 153 has really affected our coaches and officials. It is still very difficult to negotiate the state website and understand what is demanded of our adult population. The USA Volleyball screenings have been very effective and we would like to have both agencies work cooperatively to reduce this redundancy of screenings. It is also costly for our membership. I will continue to lobby for both agencies to work together.

Parent education has been a focal point for me. I do believe that we owe our parents more involvement and information about this sport that their children participate in. It is always good to have full resources for them to pick from. I am trying to get more information available on the website. My phone and door are always open to talk to them and try to point them in a direction where they can get more information from either the website or the National Office. John Kessel is always available to the membership and has such deep knowledge of the volleyball environment.

We still need to work on recruiting and developing more officials in our region. I am open to any activity that would help push people into officiating. Any ideas would be appreciated. Our events are growing in size and we need good officials to fill in the gaps.

Michelle Carlton,
KRVA Commish