Regional Office

KRVA Business Office

1013 Brookside Road | Suite 203
Wescosville PA 18106
Phone | 610-401-3362
E-mail |
Office Hours | M-F, 9am to 3pm

Contact Events Office

Phone | 610-223-2288
E-mail |
Office Hours | M-TH, 11am to 3pm

Business Office Information

The region has three part-time staffers in the Business Office: Laura Davies, Chynna Tavares, and Vikki Bohman. If you are looking for information about events, give Laura or Chynna a call at (610)223-2288 or email events. Chynna also manages our Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you have any comments or suggestions about these accounts, please send Chynna an email. Vikki is responsible for member registration. If you have any questions about member registration, please email Vikki Bohman.

Please remember that fall and early winter are very busy times in the office. If your call goes over to voicemail, the staff is striving to return calls as soon as possible but the goal is within 24-48 hours. E-mails are generally quicker and some requests require an email to the office.