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Club Directors: Please make sure that coaches working with the Youth age groups receive a copy of this and also share it with your parents.

The KRVA voted to fully fund our future HP teams. It is our hope that by removing the financial burden of families that we can attract our TOP TALENT to represent our region at the HP Championships.

AGE: Girls National Youth - born 2000 and after
Girls National Select – born 2002 and after

DATES: Depart July 17th – Return July 23th
COMPETE: July 18th – 22nd
LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL

TRYOUT/SELECTION DATE: May 14th - Session 10-12 and 2-4 PM. Teams will be selected day of tryouts.
LOCATION: Millersville University

PROCESS: We would like all players in these age categories who are interested in being selected to please have their Club Coach contact me directly via e-mail at hp@krva.org. The e-mail should include: the full name of the player, her position, her date of birth and the club coaches recommendation. (Please tell us in detail what makes her an elite player). We will invite players that are recommended to our Tryout May 14th. Players will sign up for the tryout on the KRVA web-site (There is a fee for the tryout). If selected for the team the Region will pay for their transportation, lodging, uniforms, warm-ups, etc.

We will be at the Bid and Club Championships if you’d like us to take a look at any of your players. Tryout will likely be capped at 40-45 players. We are planning a few practices in July and will have a few team practices in Fort Lauderdale before we compete. We can be flexible with vacation plans. Contact : Brian Smith | 717 940-9902