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Chair | Ray Reilly

Committee Meetings

Join us for Committee Meetings by contacting Ray Reilly.

The juniors committee is growing this year. We are trying to involve more areas in the state. If you have an interest helping us achieve this, please contact Ray Reilly.

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Important Dates

Junior Girls Tryouts 2017-18 Season October 29, 2017 | 14 & Under
November 12, 2017 | 15U - 18U

November 17, 2017
Girls' Team Fees Due

Girls Tournament Registration Opens
December 3, 2017 | 12's, 16's, & 18's
December 5, 2017 | 13's & 17's
December 7. 2017 | 14's & 15's

March 24-25, 2018
2018 KRVA Girls Bid and Club Challenge

February 17-18, 2018
2018 KRVA 18 Girls Bid Tournament

May 5-6, 2018
2018 KRVA Girls Regional Championships

Please read the Junior Ops Code, 3.5, 3.6, 3/7 & 3.8 regarding tryouts and recruiting.

Check dates frequently as they may change as the KRVA/USAV implement the PA 153 Child Protection Act requirements

Junior Girl's Information

The latest information for KRVA Junior Girls

Boys KRVA Scholarship Winner

Renee Shultz is the winner of the 2018 KRVA Girls Scholarship! The award was presented at the 2018 KRVA Girls Regional Championships. Congratulations, Renee. Good luck with all of your future endeavors!

Thank you to all of those that applied. Each year, KRVA awards a scholarship to one male and female athlete wishing to continue their volleyball career in college. To find more info on how to apply in 2019, please click here.

2018 GJNC At-Large Bid Announcement

This message was sent to all girls clubs on April 20, 2018 on behalf of the USAV Events department. The announcement is also available for download in the link below.

Click here to download 2018 GJNC At-Large Bid Announcement

Dear Parents

As your child attends tryouts and starts fielding offers for the upcoming season we would like to remind you to familiarize yourself with the Junior Op-Codes in regards to offers and recruiting. We will give you the highlights here but strongly urge you to go to the Forms and Documents page of the KRVA website. Under Regional you will find the Junior Op-Codes.

Any Clubs or teams planning to participate in KRVA this season are responsible for abiding by the KRVA Governing Documents.

Club Representatives may NOT contact any players for any reason. The only exception being players that were on team rosters and played for their Club in the previous season. (A club rep may ask a player for parent contact information)

Club representatives that switch Clubs during the season or off-season may NOT contact players from their previous Club.

Contracts, invitations and/or offers made prior to the announced start of the tryout period each year shall be considered non-binding. NO money to play, team fees, expenses, or funds of any kind (or deposits on such) may be accepted by, or paid to, a Club until after the beginning of the tryout period. (Tryout cost is not a team fee).

All offers must be in writing and e-mailed with a cc to offers@krva.org.

Once a Club (through a player’s parent) offers a player a position on a team roster, the offer must remain open, without changes in conditions, for a minimum of 96 hours from the date/time of the offer as time stamped on the e-mailed offer unless the offer is declined.

If you find that a club is violating these or any op-codes please fill out the violation report form also found on the Forms and Documents page of the KRVA website.

Ray Reilly,
Junior Girls’ Chairperson

Offers (Girls’ Clubs only)

Offers made to players by clubs should be via email and copied to offers@krva.org. Please do NOT send to the junior chairperson or registration@krva.org directly. The emails are archived for future reference. Please refer to the 2017-18 Junior Operating Codes regarding the acceptance of offers and the recruiting policy.

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