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  • 2015 Boys' Atlantic Northeastern Tournament —
    Congratulations to the Bid winners and
    Division Champions

    14s Bid Winners
    Coastal 14 Navy (OD) | RVC 14-1 (OD) | Durham attack Black 14U (CA)

    15s Bid Winners
    Warren Sixpack 15-1 (GE) | Victor VBC 15 (WE) | LVC 15-1 (WE)

    16s Bid Winners
    Yorktowne 16 Blue (KE) | Pittsburgh 16-Black (KE) | Victor VBC 16

    14s Champions
    1st - Roch PaceBootlegger 141 (WE) | 2nd- Coastal B14 Navy (OD)

    15s Champions
    1st – BRYC Boys 15 National (CH) | 2nd – LIVBC 15 National (GE)

    16s Champions
    1st – Baja 16 (MX) | 2nd – Roch PaceBootlegger161 (WE)

    17s Champions
    1st – Coastal B17 Navy (OD) | 2nd –Eden Mizuno 17 (WE)

    18s Champions
    1st - Baja 18 (MX) | 2nd – Coastal B18 Navy (OD)

    We would like to thank John Kessel for taking pictures at the BANE Tournament.

    View BANE Tournament Photos

  • U.S. Women's First World Championship

    Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s Team on their first World Championship victory. Team captain and middle blocker, Christa (Harmotto) Dietzen, is a former member of the Keystone Region. Read more about Christa and the U.S. Women’s win over China.

  • Office Hours

    Regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm. If you have checks or documents for the office, please mail them to the office. DO NOT use the mail box to place checks or documents. If you are delivering something in person, please knock on the door and hand it to us. The postal service has the right to remove anything that is not mail.


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    There is a site on facebook called “Keystone Region Volleyball Association (KRVA)” which is not an official account belonging to the Keystone Region. The region does not control or authorize any information on this site.